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"Artists give people something they didn't know they were missing"


In a growing art market and rapidly rising numbers of collectors, it becomes even more necessary to make the right and educated choices, in terms of acquiring or selling art. My bespoke services provide an honest and most current, as well as, relevant advice possible in all areas related to art, antiquities, and estate appraisals. 


This consultancy service is extended to private collectors, investors, and corporate entities. I can help you buy or sell art privately or through auction, as well as providing customized service to source artwork from any period or style that suits your specific style and budget. I have access to a global network of art galleries, art consultants, private owners, and auction houses as well as luxury lifestyle consultancies. 


As an independent advisor, I have the freedom to work with the “best of the best” to meet your personal needs and making your best interest is my priority. 



Noha Al-Kadhi is an art connoisseur. As a lifelong collector, she is passionate about the art world and creativity in all its forms. Noha solidified this deep interest by earning a certificate in art history and global art business from Sotheby's Institute of Art. Her bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on global management has served Noha’s entrepreneurial skills and proved to be an asset in her art advisory services. 


A true global citizen, Noha lives between the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. This international exposure has given her the advantage of understanding cultural diversity, a variety of communication styles, and international connections in the art and business worlds.


Noha offers bespoke services that range from buying and selling art to estate appraisals. She works in cooperation with international auction houses, reputable art advisories, and authorities in the field to ensure the best results for her clients.  


She holds an MA from SOAS University of London in History of Art and Architecture of the Islamic Middle East. 


“Being involved in the art world is fulfilling for me-to be simply surrounded by art, artists, and creativity. It is my dream job come true. Achieving my clients’ goals and their satisfaction is what drives me.”

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